Thursday, January 31, 2013

January NewFO Linky Party!

Oh man!  This has been a major month of inspiration for me. I have a whole sewing room for the first time ever and something in me has clicked into high-gear.  I not only have a mountain of NewFo's but I haven't finished any of them!  I find myself jumping project to project doing little bits to each.  It's crazy fun.   My poor little 16 month old is getting in some major teeth, so any chance  I have to be sewing and peaceful is a blessing. Thanks to Cat Patches for hosting this NewFO Challenge. :)

Here we go.

 The List:

1.  Express Your Love.  I started following this on the Free Motion Quilting project and it's my main focus right now. I love the new techniques I am learning.

2.  Baby Puzzler.  I googled baby quilts to get some ideas and saw a photo of a "puzzle" quilt.  I made my own design and measurements {I didn't see a pattern for it anywhere}  Here's my tester pieces, I'll be using baby pastels instead.
3. Coasters. I am practicing a lot of new free motion stitches lately so I started a collection of squares at random sizes that I've practiced on.  The can go in my X-mas gift box.

4. Hearts and Feathers.  I found this quilt along from last year on the Free Motion Quilting project.  I am doing it on red fabric quilted with white thread. My fabric is marked and waiting to be basted.  I also thought I would try Trapunto for the first time in the hearts and feathers.
  Well, thats the 4 I've started this month.  The other 4 projects I have in rotation are from Dec. :)

Have fun Creating Everyone!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So, I'm a flake.

Well, today I love my green Goddess.  I went over the outline again with a 100% white cotton thread. It's a little thicker and makes more beautiful stitches from my little brother.  The only problem is that I can't push the fabric through my machine away from me when I use it.  I get an insane amount of skipped stitches.  Its some bad chemistry between the machine, the modified quilt foot, and the thread.  But its fine for just following the outline and now I can see it from across the room.

I also found the strength to accept my imperfections so I began Mactavishing the green.  The only way to get better is to just DO IT.   Even Leah Day said in her tutorial video that when she first started her echos were wiggly.

Time to go play some Chutes and Ladders with my brats, then my Mommy guilt will be appeased and I can sew all afternoon. :p

Just because it's funny.  Eating grass:
I'm linking up for the first time with Free Motion by the River!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Linky Party!!

I'm linking up with Stitch by Stitch for the first time. :) The first thing I am doing this week is the final layout plan for my sewing room.  My hubby is planning to build me two sewing tables, and I want to make sure I have everything measured so they will fit.  He can't build the tables for 3 weeks though, I go pick up my new Janome then. woot!!!!  

Oh yea, don't mind the clashing blue quilt top on the lime green wall. Its only there because it's going to be the first large quilt that I free motion on my own and looking at it is helping me build courage.

My main project this week is tormenting me. I was planning to quilt the heck out of Express Your Love, but then again....  My little sister saw a picture of this goddess, and went nuts apparently. It looks like I am creating a third one.  To be honest, I may be shoving this green one in my UFO bin.  I am starting to hate the fabric color choice. White thread is NOT showing up well, you can tell in the picture above, all that stands out is the earth. Maybe I should travel stitch the whole thing again in white and make it bolder...
  Doing a whole new one on Black for my sister sounds like fun.  I can always come back to this green one later. Is that quitting?    *SIGH*  I'm so neurotic, I'll be sewing on three of them by Wednesday. lol  It's great practice to repeat these techniques at least.

Sorry for being so wordy!   Have a great week everyone!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Need more towels.

It's UFO Sunday and I am linking up with Leah Day.  Today, I am not working in my sewing room, but in my fish tank. I am working on a new aquascape, and have been waiting for weeks for my plant order to arrive. Now,  I get to go elbow deep and play in the water.   I do need more towels as the title states, I was cleaning my filter and spilled a gallon of water all over the place.
Here's the hardscape:

I hope you didn't mind the diversion from sewing.  :)  Here's a quick pic of my "practice" Express Your Love.   I kept over-building my thread on purpose after awhile.   If you make a mistake, sometimes repeating the mistake consistently can hide it. Tomorrow, I will start Mctavishing on my real piece. I hope I can resist the urge to over-build my thread.
Have fun creating!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thread build up. Magic and curse.

OK. So the title is dramatic.  I am working on Mctavishing thanks to Leah Day and the Express Your Love project.  I did a lot of practice Mctavishing this week on muslin sandwiches. At first they were horrible and didn't resemble anything but a hot mess.  I discovered that a little bit of thread build up can bring out the magic that is Mctavishing and really highlight the shapes you create.
 Now the curse: For some crazy reason, my brain latched on to thread build up and I've been going overboard. Not to mention my still shaky stitches.  Free motion ain't for sissies. {A sign I may make for my sewing room wall. :p

That may all have sounded like a complaint, but really what it was was joy!  I am so new with free motion and have never stitched anything like this before.  I am learning from every mistake and know I will get better.

Practice Piece:

My earth is painted on my colored fabric piece. Painting fabric gives me joy like nothing else. I can't wait to explore the possibilities.  I had a very hard time with echo stitching my words on this one.  A lot of the problem stemmed from the quilt hanging off my sewing table and creating drag.  My hubby is a hero though and is building me two tables from this tutorial. I shouldn't deal with drag anymore after that.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Janome 1600p?    My little Brother is great for piecing, but I would like a dedicated machine for quilting. Thanks!

I am linking up today on FMQ Friday with Leah Day! Have fun Creating!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

UFO Sunday

For Today's UFO, I only had to look as far as my design board. I pulled this out last week and thought I could piece a block in between other things. Hopefully this will turn into a wall hanging for my sewing room.. The lime green wall tends to glare at me in the night, it really needs this wall hanging.

January has been my selfish sewing month and almost everything I have made has been to decorate my sewing room.  I often have to remind myself that once in awhile, it's ok to take care of your own needs. Then I'll be happier when doing things for others. 

Here's a pic with some of the blocks.  I haven't figured out what I am doing with them yet. Normally I plan better then this....

I am linking up with The Free Motion Quilting Project.

Friday, January 18, 2013

FMQ Friday with Leah Day!!

Yay! This will be my first link-up with Leah Day!  I have only begun seriously learning to free motion quilt in the last few weeks.  Anything I quilted before this was using straight lines and a walking foot. *gasp* 

Today I am thread painting the letters on Express Your Love, a project I am following on FMQ.  I did the outline yesterday, and for my first ever effort in free motion quilting a pattern like this, I am pretty happy.  I need to practice starting and stopping when my hands need to adjust.  I had some jerky stitches, though with more practice I think that will stop.
      The photo below is actually just my practice piece.  I plan to quilt the outline again on a colored fabric. 

Also in my machine today:  
A little quilted pillow cover. Yes, more lime green. :)    My sewing room is really coming together and this little accent pillow will go on my chair in here.

Just finished...Now if only my chair would get here.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewing Machine Cover & Thread Catching Bags

The first thing I created after setting up my new sewing room was a Sewing Machine Cover.   My design will sit flush with the sewing machine tray still on and the thread still sitting on top.  I tend to stay up too late sewing and then crawl up to bed in a late night haze.  Tossing my cover on without having to take everything apart is very convenient.

Until I have a proper sewing table where I can drop my machine, this cover will work great. Since I painted a whole accent wall LIME green in my sewing room, this cover will fit right in. :)

I quilted the cover using designs from Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Blog. I promise to start sharing more of my process in the future. My mother requested a cover, so at some point I'll show the steps in building this one.

Next Project: Thread Catching Bags

I created  small and large thread catching bags for my sewing area. I always have small threads getting thrown all over the floor and decided to make these bags to help keep the mess in check. My large bag ends up full of fabric scraps too small to keep along with other trash from the day. 

The linings of these bags pull up so you can shake them out right over a trash can.  Don't discount the quilting practice!  I am Free motion quilting everything these days.


Introducing myself

Hey there! My name is Kelly. I'm starting this blog to share my own quilting projects, and to show my progress on projects that I am following from other blogs.  I am a mother of two young boys and married to an Army soldier.  We have just moved to a new base and for the first time ever I have a whole room for sewing!!!  I am ready to really start learning and improving my quilts.

Being completely self taught in everything sewing and quilting, I find a lot of limitations on what I am able to do.  Luckily, I have discovered some really special quilter's blogs and am learning faster then my fingers can work :)