Friday, January 18, 2013

FMQ Friday with Leah Day!!

Yay! This will be my first link-up with Leah Day!  I have only begun seriously learning to free motion quilt in the last few weeks.  Anything I quilted before this was using straight lines and a walking foot. *gasp* 

Today I am thread painting the letters on Express Your Love, a project I am following on FMQ.  I did the outline yesterday, and for my first ever effort in free motion quilting a pattern like this, I am pretty happy.  I need to practice starting and stopping when my hands need to adjust.  I had some jerky stitches, though with more practice I think that will stop.
      The photo below is actually just my practice piece.  I plan to quilt the outline again on a colored fabric. 

Also in my machine today:  
A little quilted pillow cover. Yes, more lime green. :)    My sewing room is really coming together and this little accent pillow will go on my chair in here.

Just finished...Now if only my chair would get here.


  1. Wonderful start. I'm hoping to start on Express Your Love this week.

    And I love the lime green pillow!

  2. Looks like you plan on doing the entire class project. I've learned a lot from Leah Day. One hint is to just keep practicing. And then one day you will suddenly not be a beginner any more. It feels wonderful when you get there.

  3. Pretty happy? You should be ecstatic. Even those of us who have been FMQ for decades have occasional shaky stitches. Mine happen mostly during starts after stopping to shift my hands.

  4. I love your pillow! What a great idea -- and it's just so bright and happy.

  5. There probably will always be a shaky stitch somewhere. Iff there is a small distraction, there will be a shaky stitch. Who cares: no one is going to look at your stitchwork under a magnifying glass!Just keep going. It looks good.

  6. Thanks for all the encouragment!! My seam ripper is stowed for now. :)


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