Thursday, January 31, 2013

January NewFO Linky Party!

Oh man!  This has been a major month of inspiration for me. I have a whole sewing room for the first time ever and something in me has clicked into high-gear.  I not only have a mountain of NewFo's but I haven't finished any of them!  I find myself jumping project to project doing little bits to each.  It's crazy fun.   My poor little 16 month old is getting in some major teeth, so any chance  I have to be sewing and peaceful is a blessing. Thanks to Cat Patches for hosting this NewFO Challenge. :)

Here we go.

 The List:

1.  Express Your Love.  I started following this on the Free Motion Quilting project and it's my main focus right now. I love the new techniques I am learning.

2.  Baby Puzzler.  I googled baby quilts to get some ideas and saw a photo of a "puzzle" quilt.  I made my own design and measurements {I didn't see a pattern for it anywhere}  Here's my tester pieces, I'll be using baby pastels instead.
3. Coasters. I am practicing a lot of new free motion stitches lately so I started a collection of squares at random sizes that I've practiced on.  The can go in my X-mas gift box.

4. Hearts and Feathers.  I found this quilt along from last year on the Free Motion Quilting project.  I am doing it on red fabric quilted with white thread. My fabric is marked and waiting to be basted.  I also thought I would try Trapunto for the first time in the hearts and feathers.
  Well, thats the 4 I've started this month.  The other 4 projects I have in rotation are from Dec. :)

Have fun Creating Everyone!


  1. Great projects - terrific idea to make coasters from the FMQ practice.

  2. Funny, I just found a Hearts and Feathers in the fabric cupboard, all drawn out and waiting to be quilted. Maybe that can be another NewFO for me too! Great projects.

    1. Fun! :) I think it will be a great little learning tool.

  3. You've been busy! I like the idea for a baby quilt - very cute. I followed the Free Motion Quilt Project all of last year so I have done the Hearts and Feathers - it is quite impressive when it is finished. ~Jeanne

  4. Great starts for the new year! I'm also doing Leah's FMQ Challenge. You're farther along than I am, but I'll get back to it. I love the puzzle pieces you're working with. I have a couple of friends who have autistic kids who would love a puzzle quilt, I'm sure. I'll check back to see how it progresses. I babysit my 8-month-old grandson who is getting his first tooth in and has been pretty grumpy. Sewing some days is nonexistent, so I understand. Keep on stitching!

  5. looks like the start of some fun projects!

  6. Love everything you're working on. Great projects!

  7. I haven't done any of Leah's quilts yet, although that could change, but I do watch the lessons, and when one of them works for a project I'm doing I use the designs. I, also, have learned a lot from her web page and her Craftsy class.

    Love the puzzle quilt idea.

    I've also started making small projects out of some of my free motion practice. It is good to practice on something more than a practice square although I do that too.


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