Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sewing Machine Cover & Thread Catching Bags

The first thing I created after setting up my new sewing room was a Sewing Machine Cover.   My design will sit flush with the sewing machine tray still on and the thread still sitting on top.  I tend to stay up too late sewing and then crawl up to bed in a late night haze.  Tossing my cover on without having to take everything apart is very convenient.

Until I have a proper sewing table where I can drop my machine, this cover will work great. Since I painted a whole accent wall LIME green in my sewing room, this cover will fit right in. :)

I quilted the cover using designs from Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Blog. I promise to start sharing more of my process in the future. My mother requested a cover, so at some point I'll show the steps in building this one.

Next Project: Thread Catching Bags

I created  small and large thread catching bags for my sewing area. I always have small threads getting thrown all over the floor and decided to make these bags to help keep the mess in check. My large bag ends up full of fabric scraps too small to keep along with other trash from the day. 

The linings of these bags pull up so you can shake them out right over a trash can.  Don't discount the quilting practice!  I am Free motion quilting everything these days.


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  1. Yet again I have found something to add to my "I want to make this" list, and that's a thread catcher. I really like yours!!!


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