Tuesday, January 29, 2013

So, I'm a flake.

Well, today I love my green Goddess.  I went over the outline again with a 100% white cotton thread. It's a little thicker and makes more beautiful stitches from my little brother.  The only problem is that I can't push the fabric through my machine away from me when I use it.  I get an insane amount of skipped stitches.  Its some bad chemistry between the machine, the modified quilt foot, and the thread.  But its fine for just following the outline and now I can see it from across the room.

I also found the strength to accept my imperfections so I began Mactavishing the green.  The only way to get better is to just DO IT.   Even Leah Day said in her tutorial video that when she first started her echos were wiggly.

Time to go play some Chutes and Ladders with my brats, then my Mommy guilt will be appeased and I can sew all afternoon. :p

Just because it's funny.  Eating grass:
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  1. After using Isacord from Leah Day's shop almost exclusively for machine quilting, I'm currently using a 100% cotton thread I bought through Amazon. It is also a lesser known brand called Thread Art. Just a bit thicker. But my machine likes it just fine in all directions so far.

    I'm not giving up Isacord. I'm just adding in another inexpensive, but quality brand of thread.

  2. My machine doesn't like heavy thread either. Although it like to skip going backwards with any thread.

  3. Weird how our machines does not agree with something, whenever I stitch from right to left it completely lifts the tread from the bottom and creates a big mess. Funny thing is, I do it over and over again, expecting a different result..... Your boy is so cute, he has the brightest blue eyes ever!

    1. Thanks! He looks just like his daddy. I am trying out Isacord thread next month...I am worried that it will be hard at fiirst , being thinner then I am used to.

  4. looks great!!!! I think you are right, you just need to keep on working your stitches and they will get more confidence in them.

  5. It looks wonderful and the more you practice...the best it will be. I use a vintage Singer and it is great for quilting....not picky about threads. Have fun and eating the grass....cute! Thanks for sharing.
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