Friday, January 25, 2013

Thread build up. Magic and curse.

OK. So the title is dramatic.  I am working on Mctavishing thanks to Leah Day and the Express Your Love project.  I did a lot of practice Mctavishing this week on muslin sandwiches. At first they were horrible and didn't resemble anything but a hot mess.  I discovered that a little bit of thread build up can bring out the magic that is Mctavishing and really highlight the shapes you create.
 Now the curse: For some crazy reason, my brain latched on to thread build up and I've been going overboard. Not to mention my still shaky stitches.  Free motion ain't for sissies. {A sign I may make for my sewing room wall. :p

That may all have sounded like a complaint, but really what it was was joy!  I am so new with free motion and have never stitched anything like this before.  I am learning from every mistake and know I will get better.

Practice Piece:

My earth is painted on my colored fabric piece. Painting fabric gives me joy like nothing else. I can't wait to explore the possibilities.  I had a very hard time with echo stitching my words on this one.  A lot of the problem stemmed from the quilt hanging off my sewing table and creating drag.  My hubby is a hero though and is building me two tables from this tutorial. I shouldn't deal with drag anymore after that.

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Janome 1600p?    My little Brother is great for piecing, but I would like a dedicated machine for quilting. Thanks!

I am linking up today on FMQ Friday with Leah Day! Have fun Creating!


  1. I think your free motion quilting looks great, with regards to your travel stitching, I don't think that you went overboard with it at all, it looks great! My husband modified my sewing table too, and since my work space is bigger it makes the world of difference, we're so lucky to have handy men in our lives, lol

  2. I am planning on purchasing a Janome 1600P once I have the finds set aside, that sucker is fast!!! I was originally going to get a Juki 2010 (similar with a few different features) but I got to play with the Janome a little bit at a quilt store ;) LOVE IT! Certainly I didn't get much more than a ten minute tease, just the taste was enough to make me start pinching pennies so I can buy one within the year! lol. (Admittedly I have an entry level Janome SUV 1122 and I am brand loyal to them :D)

    1. Thanks for the thoughts then! I thought about getting a smaller Janome, but I think the investment in a mid-arm would be a better choice. I am still skill-building in free motion, but have been piecing quilts for years. It was only a matter of time before I wanted to quilt my own work.

      Thanks for the kind words everyone. I am glad I did the Mctavishing on this practice piece first to learn where my weaknesses are before moving to my real quilt.

  3. It looks great, don't worry about the travel stitching, in the bigger picture it gives a little something extra. It stands out a little more than the other stitching. That in my opinion is a good thing!

  4. I'm my opinion, you are your own worst critic on travel stitching. It looks great from here. Try the letters little bits at a time. (don't try to trace over a full "S" for example but do small parts at a time.).

    As for machines, I love my Laura Ashley Innov-is NX-800. (I had to look up the full name!). Love. It. Workhorse, and FMQ is easy with Isacord, Gutterman or the Superior clear poly. Those are the ones I've tried, but I rarely use Gutterman for FMQ anymore after settling on Isacord as my fav.

    1. I have been following your progress on Express Yourself and your echo stitching around your letters is lovely! I tried to be too complicated and it was the main issue. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate advice as I am always trying to improve. :)

  5. I think your Goddess is coming along beautifully. I have been out of town and not able to post for a while but will be back at it soon.


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