Sunday, January 20, 2013

UFO Sunday

For Today's UFO, I only had to look as far as my design board. I pulled this out last week and thought I could piece a block in between other things. Hopefully this will turn into a wall hanging for my sewing room.. The lime green wall tends to glare at me in the night, it really needs this wall hanging.

January has been my selfish sewing month and almost everything I have made has been to decorate my sewing room.  I often have to remind myself that once in awhile, it's ok to take care of your own needs. Then I'll be happier when doing things for others. 

Here's a pic with some of the blocks.  I haven't figured out what I am doing with them yet. Normally I plan better then this....

I am linking up with The Free Motion Quilting Project.


  1. With even 'little' planning what you have looks amazing, cant wait to see what you end up with.

  2. Wow love the block and bright colours you have uaed.

  3. Wonderful blocks. Your sewing room is going to look beautiful when you have finished. Don't forget to post pictures.

  4. Great block. Love the colors you are using.

  5. That will look beautiful against lime green! I'm also going to try for a month or two to work on things for myself. Keep us posted...can't wait to see how the bright colors come together :)

  6. I love that you have lime green walls. :) This will be so pretty on them!

    1. Thanks everyone! The colors really leave me feeling positive in here which was the whole goal. hehe Lime green isn't for everyone, I bet. IT's BRIGHT!

  7. I like this. It's bright and a new take on the "X's and O's" pattern.

  8. Congratulations on tackling your design wall... isn't it funny how something we were working on so hard then gets to a point where it just hides in plain sight? I also love the idea of "selfish sewing month." But I might have to extend it beyond a month! Thanks for visiting my blog too!


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