Thursday, February 28, 2013

NewFo February

Last Day of February.........Always a great time to join a Linky party and Giveaway!!! YAY!  Thanks to Cat Patches of course for starting this monthly Party!

So for my new projects with no finishes....

A pin cushion caddy.  I have been seeing pin cushion caddies in photos all over blogger.  Most of the searches I did, came up with a caddy from the book 'Seams to Me'.  All of the reviews however said the measurements in the book are off, and everyone had to "tweak" it.  Well, I am NOT spending money on a book with bad measurements.  So here I am designing my own.

It's kind of a sad day, my brand spanking new Janome 1600p is on its way back to the store.  The knee lift had a weak spot or something and BROKE OFF in the machine.   The customer service guy said he had never heard of that happening. 
 The silver lining: I can use this time to piece my wall quilt and work on smaller projects.  I feel like I may need some borders or something to break up the pattern a bit. I'm winging it. lol Suggestions welcome. :)

Have fun creating today!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Major Monday Madness

Whew, what a weekend!  My poor 15 month old has an ear infection for the first time which was a nightmare.  Zero sleep and lots of pitiful crying.  Last night he finally slept through the night and is running around with a big smile, so things are looking up.  That does mean that I didn't touch my sewing machines very much, and today I am ready to stitch!

Monday Linkies:

One of my favorite bloggers- Marelize - hosts a weekly linky party starting every Monday here...Stitch by Stitch

I also  have been really enjoying the themed party at My Favourite Things.  I didn't link up last week for lack of a item fitting the theme, but this week is all about Log Cabins.  One of my first quilt tops that I made was a crazy log cabin.  I call it Starry Night, after Van Gogh's painting, however in hindsight, the fabric choices are not what I would use now.

My seam ripper was in use this morning already, but for good reasons...  With my new sewing tables, my sewing machine cover no longer fits my Brother, so I took it apart to recreate.  No wasting!

I would like to throw in a HUGE THANKSSSSS  to VICKIE @ More Stars in Comanche for hosting the giveaway that I won.  I can run on weeks on the simple joy of winning something like this.  I can't wait to pass that joy forward.   This is the BEAUTIFUL fabric Vickie sent me... Flirt by Sandy Gervais

While I am at it, here's a photo of my latest aquascape, I was making an attempt at Iwagumi, but I think I may have missed the mark a bit. I find the rock placement pleasing regardless. This little nano tank is in my sewing room and will be home to a hoard of shrimp and maybe a small school of nano-friendly fishes.

Have a great day creating!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

UFO Finished....almost.

My sewing room was my unfinished project this Sunday.  I have been piecing my wall hanging and I was able to setup my new sewing tables today.  The paint was dry and cured earlier then I expected! YAY!!!  Sorry the photo isn't better, it was a very bright day and the tables are dark. 

I will post closer pictures of the tables this week. They came out amazing and we couldn't have done it without this great tutorial. I can't wait to start sewing this week with the machines level with the table!! 

Have fun creating!

ps. This is a linkup with The Free Motion Quilting Project.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Failures are success's, right?

This week of FMQ has been hard.  I have a new machine that sews wayyyy faster the I am used to.  It causes me to try and fmq faster then I am comfy with. It's all an adjustment right now. Especially when  I am new to fmq in the first place. It's been very frustrating to watch my patterns come out so shaky and sloppy.  The good thing that comes from it all is for the first time, I did not RIP!  A breakthrough, to be honest.  My seam ripper is my most used tool and my worst enemy sometimes.

I was so  spazed out this week that I stitched concentric circles in the wrong sun ray.  I am not rippling them out!! My eye may twitch, and I might pace  a path in the sewing room carpet, but I refuse to rip!  When learning a new skill, there needs to be room for mistakes. I am moving forward knowing that I won't make the same mistakes again and I'll go into the sections calmer and focused.

PS. It was just on my practice goddess anyway. Hehe. No cuckoo signs above my head please :-)

I'm using much brighter colors on my main piece. 
With a calmer mind, and no hard feelings for myself.  I hope everyone is positive and kind to themselves this weekend As well!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Linky Party Tuesday!!

Heading over to Free Motion by the River for a linky party and Giveaway! Thanks Connie! So exciting!!! :)

I wanted to share a photo of my messenger bag.  I used this tutorial for inspiration, though I adapted the bag to my own needs and made it much larger. This has enough room for fabrics, rulers and everything I need to lug around to meetings and classes.  Even my laptop will fit perfectly. I want to make a small thin one to use as a purse.  Maybe 9"X8"

And matching sewing machine bag.

Have fun creating today!!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unfinished Sunday

I'll try not to shout today.  Lately my posts are very excited and give even me a headache.  hehe  My second sewing table is cut {thanks to my hubby}  He worked magic with the jigsaw again.  Today, I will be painting on the primer.  Tomorrow,  will be the first coat of paint.  I am doing a black gloss so these tables will match the others I use in here already.  In case you are curious the tutorial we used is here...From Marta With Love   We only altered a few things to fit my personal sewing needs. the tables were an inch too short, so I've added pegs at the bottom.  Here's a pic of the progress.
 ^^^That's the new baby! My 1600p arrived and it's a BEAST!!!  Going from my Brother Sq-9050 from Walmart to this workhorse is like going from a minivan to a Mustang.  its amazing!  

My main sewing project today: Finishing my messenger bag, pics to come this week.  

Hope you are all accomplishing what you needed to today! This is a linkup with Leah Day @

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday with Exclamation!

Well, this is a day full of smiles and loud happy voices, mostly mine, but my kids are joining in.  Very happy Mommy's rub off on their kids Moods.

To start, SimpleSew popped in here last week and told me about her Blogaversary!  It was so much fun going around and reading all the different party posts and joining in the giveaways.  I even won one at Vickie's Blog.  THAT WAS A TREAT!!   I can't wait to host a giveaway myself and may have to start planning something special soon.

I made the sewing machine tote last week, and decided that it won't be able to hold my machine and all the notions needed for classes and quild meetings. That lead me to start this messenger bag today. Same fabrics, but not quilted.  It will be cute as a set. I even think I will make a little purse.
For FMQ Friday with Leah Day,  I have been working on my Express Your Love.  I am getting more comfy with Boomerangs.  It could always look better, but that will come with practice.

The last reasons why I am shouting with joy today:  My Janome 1600p arrives today !!!  Not only that, but my hubby has another table all ready to cut a hole in for it.  Yay! 

To top this off, my Valentines gift was perfect: A LOT of Isacord thread.

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful day as well!  Please share what has given you joy today!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Linking at the River

It's linky Tuesday with Free Motion by the River!   Today is an exciting day for me!!!  I have my first two Blog finishes!!!  Since joining this wonderful community, I have been {happily} overwhelmed with inspiration. I have started 10 new projects and jump between them like a busy bee.   Well, I have been focusing in as much as possible and finished two projects!

I am going to my first guild meeting on Saturday and I made this bag to carry my machine. I have a matching messenger bag in the works to carry fabric and supplies.  Lots of yummy little pockets and everything.

My second finish is my Hearts and Feathers.  I think I will add little triangles and hang it somewhere, but it has binding and for now is finished.  My next Trapunto, I will use water soluble thread. The thread build up here got out of control, but I don't think it takes anything from my first attempt.  How's that for positive, and crushing my OCD subconscious?

AND my last Tuesday news, and the best part:  We adopted two cats from our local Humane society.  I have wanted some kitties for a long time but had waited, knowing we were moving. Well, now being all settled in our new home, it was time!!   Here's a peek at "Queen" Eva and Slick.

Not the best photos, but more to come. lol   Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Links on Monday

The theme this week over at My Favourite Things is Wall Hangings.  This is going to be a little embarrassing for me.  The picture I am showing is actually the first thing I have ever sewn with a sewing machine.   My husband deployed to Iraq for the first time a few years ago {before we had kids}  and when I went to visit my mother, she showed me how to thread a machine and use it.   I was addicted and haven't stopped learning and sewing since.  Don't mind the thumb tacks.  I have been planning to take this down, and give it some love and a dowel to hang by. :)

For my Anything Goes linky at Stitch by Stitch, This is what I am working on today :

I am joining my local quilt guild and needed a way to take my sewing machine with me, hence this tote.   My little Brother is super tiny with the tray off, and perfect to lug around with me.  

Have fun Creating!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

UFO's A-Plenty

Oh man. When I look around I am starting to feel some pressure; there are projects everywhere. On my last count it was 11.  I haven't been able to sew all week, since I was so busy with my family.  Today, my sewing room is seeing some action.

My husband is a ROCK STAR.  I wasn't going to post pictures until we painted the first sewing table, but I can't help it.  He was a jig-saw GENIUS.  It was HOT.  Don't tell him I said that though, he's already all puffed up like MR. Tool Man Sam.  lol 
Perfect fit with cord room at the side of the machine.   We won't paint until next week because my hubbs is making another for my Janome.   Now I am off to go catch up on Express Your Love. I need to tackle the concentric circles.

Have fun everyone!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Itching to Sew

Hey people!  I am going insane. The last time I stitched anything was Monday night. How awful is that?   I have a ton of projects everywhere too.   Sometimes life gets in the way.   My family and I went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday.  It was a blast.  Of course as an Aquarium hobbyist, I LOVE the freshwater/river section.   Their Cardinal tetras and Rasboros were some of the biggest I have seen.   I was especially excited about fish this week, I have ordered a breeding pair of Angelfish this week.  They will be here next week and I am laying out a welcome mat already {in the form of plants originating in the Amazon.}
Here's my boys. The oldest did happy jumps every time he saw fish he liked.

Back to quilt stuff...The Janome dealership did not get in my 1600p yet. I am very disappointed.  I have a 2 hour round trip to drive and get it, not always easy to plan around my 2 boys.

My husband went and got my two IKEA tables, so this weekend will be all about sewing tbales! Woot!  

And for Free Motion Friday: I am quilting a new bag to carry my Brother with me to my first quilt guild meeting.  Here's the fabric:  I am not piecing anything, but FMQ-ing the whole cloth.

Have fun this weekend!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sleepy Monday

Does the after-superbowl morning have you groggy too? Teething babies?  It's a sleepy morning around here for sure.   The good news is that I am sewing the binding on Hearts and Feathers today.  My first Trapunto attempt was a Success!  I know the design of hearts and feathers would have looked almost the same without the trapunto, but that's really not the point.  I wanted to practice the technique on a design that lends itself to trapunto.  I had a lot of fun with this one. :)
I went overboard with the photos. :p  I'll get a finish photo this week.  Hope you all had a fun weekend as well! I'm linking with Stitch by Stitch today.  Maybe she's got some coffee :)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Landscape and Linky's

I'm a day late but I would like to link up with My Favorite Things.   This week's theme was landscape quilts which gives me a great opportunity to post a photo of my little postcard quilt. It may be my favorite creation. Two sequins fell off her flip flops {to be repaired} ya go.
Click to button to the right to head over and check out My Favorite Things.

Friday, February 1, 2013

FMQ Friday & Lots of it

Happy Friday!  Linking up with Leah Day, of course!   Today I have a lot on my plate, possibly more then I can chew.  I am trying out a basic trapunto on Hearts and Feathers. I had never heard of Trapunto 2 weeks ago, and I've never taken a class. I'm WINGING it!  lol  Wish me luck.

I am also searching hard for a filler design for Express Your Love. Yesterday, Leah Day posted a video and used a filler called Boomerangs.  I practiced it for a few hours, wasted a ton of thread, and never got a handle on it.  It just looked sloppy to me.  I'm going to find a different pattern that has the same "intensity" Which was Leah Day's keyword. 

Here's the best part!!  I made my own light table.   I had a little 10"x12" light tracer, and took it back yesterday. It was too small to try tracing anything, not to mention wayyyy expensive.   I went to Lowes and grabbed a piece of glass.  28"x32" for $15.  I taped the edges {they were sharp, and I have the cut to prove it}  Then I just set the glass between 2 tables, taped it down on the sides, stuck a light underneath and VOILA!

I have a flattened cardboard box with the bottom taped together, and the glass sheet slides right into it. I stored it flush against a wall behind a shelf when not in use.   It worked like a charm and was CHEAP.
They have acrylic sheets too that cost a little more, but they also have a lot more give. Too much pressure makes them bow in. The glass is a bit sturdier.

Have a Great weekend everyone!