Friday, February 8, 2013

Itching to Sew

Hey people!  I am going insane. The last time I stitched anything was Monday night. How awful is that?   I have a ton of projects everywhere too.   Sometimes life gets in the way.   My family and I went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday.  It was a blast.  Of course as an Aquarium hobbyist, I LOVE the freshwater/river section.   Their Cardinal tetras and Rasboros were some of the biggest I have seen.   I was especially excited about fish this week, I have ordered a breeding pair of Angelfish this week.  They will be here next week and I am laying out a welcome mat already {in the form of plants originating in the Amazon.}
Here's my boys. The oldest did happy jumps every time he saw fish he liked.

Back to quilt stuff...The Janome dealership did not get in my 1600p yet. I am very disappointed.  I have a 2 hour round trip to drive and get it, not always easy to plan around my 2 boys.

My husband went and got my two IKEA tables, so this weekend will be all about sewing tbales! Woot!  

And for Free Motion Friday: I am quilting a new bag to carry my Brother with me to my first quilt guild meeting.  Here's the fabric:  I am not piecing anything, but FMQ-ing the whole cloth.

Have fun this weekend!

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  1. Aquariums are so cool to go visit! A couple of years ago, before my move back to Kansas, I took my grandkids to the Steinhart Aquarium in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. They were doing happy jumps too! Sorry you were disappointed to not get your machine when expected. I live a ways from my dealers, too, and know how frustrating it can be to schedule a trip for naught. Can't wait to see your bag! Looks awesome!


I really appreciate that you have taken the time to comment. I am so inspired by this community, thank you for that as well. If you have questions {even some suggestions}, I'll be sure to get back to you.

Go sew already! :)