Monday, February 25, 2013

Major Monday Madness

Whew, what a weekend!  My poor 15 month old has an ear infection for the first time which was a nightmare.  Zero sleep and lots of pitiful crying.  Last night he finally slept through the night and is running around with a big smile, so things are looking up.  That does mean that I didn't touch my sewing machines very much, and today I am ready to stitch!

Monday Linkies:

One of my favorite bloggers- Marelize - hosts a weekly linky party starting every Monday here...Stitch by Stitch

I also  have been really enjoying the themed party at My Favourite Things.  I didn't link up last week for lack of a item fitting the theme, but this week is all about Log Cabins.  One of my first quilt tops that I made was a crazy log cabin.  I call it Starry Night, after Van Gogh's painting, however in hindsight, the fabric choices are not what I would use now.

My seam ripper was in use this morning already, but for good reasons...  With my new sewing tables, my sewing machine cover no longer fits my Brother, so I took it apart to recreate.  No wasting!

I would like to throw in a HUGE THANKSSSSS  to VICKIE @ More Stars in Comanche for hosting the giveaway that I won.  I can run on weeks on the simple joy of winning something like this.  I can't wait to pass that joy forward.   This is the BEAUTIFUL fabric Vickie sent me... Flirt by Sandy Gervais

While I am at it, here's a photo of my latest aquascape, I was making an attempt at Iwagumi, but I think I may have missed the mark a bit. I find the rock placement pleasing regardless. This little nano tank is in my sewing room and will be home to a hoard of shrimp and maybe a small school of nano-friendly fishes.

Have a great day creating!!!


  1. Hope your little one feels better real soon! Our babies are about the same age, so I know what 'staying up at night' with a sick child feels like, although we've been very lucky, only a few nights like those...

    I really like the fabrics you won!

    1. I think he is getting better. He's been a goofball all day. Our three year old was almost never sick so we weren't ready for such a hard few days. Thanks for stopping in :)

  2. I so admire you for taking care of a little one and finding the time to quilt and love the impression of Monet in your log cabin quilt! Thanks for linking in.

    My Favourite Things.

    1. Thanks! Linking up with other blogs is so fun!


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