Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sew lux Charm Linky

There's a Charm Square project linky going on at Sew Lux Fabrics and I wanted in!!   Finding projects I have made with Charm squares is very easy, they happen to be my favorite things.  My thread catcher bags large and small were both based off of charm squares.  Though I mixed a few different fabric groups.

Not to mention my sewing machine cover:
I know I have posted these previously, but I can't miss a Sew lux giveaway!  DROOL. :)


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Slowly Quilted

You know it's bad when your crafty to-do is 11 items long!!  Overwhelming to be sure.  I have my Mother's and sister's birthdays coming in May, there's a little time, but never enough.

The Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt Along at Freshly Pieced is starting in a few days and I am beyond excited!  I had to pull my fabrics from my stash for this one. Speaking of which, this is a WIP linkup over there. :)

Today I am quilting my wall hanging, SLOWLY but surely. I am really playing with this one, which is great for FMQ practice!  Hope to have some progress to show off on Friday's linkup.
Have fun creating this week!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

In love with Hexies!

It's been awhile since I have posted, my little one has had a stomach bug, poor baby.  Instead of your normal 24-48 hours, the little turd was sick for 7 days!  It was so sad and awful.  The good news is that this is my chunky butt, so not eating for a week didn't seem to hurt him. Hehe.

The good thing that came from this week is that I started a new project in my desperate need to have my hands working while cuddling my bundle of germs.  (again...hehe).   Hexies!  My first hexie project and it turns out, I Love Them!  I made them pretty small from what I have seen. The sides are just under an inch; they had to be because of the fabric I am using which was cut into HST's for a failed project a few years ago.  This is the perfect way to bring this lovely fabric back to life.

Enough rambling from me!  Here's a sneak peak. :-)
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Have fun this week!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Guild Meetings and Bloglovin'

I went to my first guild meeting finally!  What fun!!!  I met some wonderful ladies and got so inspired to start seriously thinking about quilt shows.  I am starting a new piece today to enter in an upcoming show.

I am sewing binding on my Baby puzzler today after quilting my first ever feathers. I had fun quilting these, it seems that big loopy patterns agree with me. Sneak Peek!
I also thought I would go ahead and claim my blog on BlogLovin'------- Follow my Blog on Bloglovin

I am linking up with Stitch by Stitch today! Button to the right. :)

Have a great week!

Friday, March 15, 2013

FMQ Friday

Free Motion Quilting is dominating my sewing room right now. I am working on my Baby Puzzler and did a stiple over the puzzle section.  Next, I plan to practice some feathers and then do a feather border around the outside.  My stiple was on a 1/2" scale, but I think I should have done it bigger.  To be honest, this is the first quilt I have quilted on my Janome 1600p. I was just happy to get through it, and I don't think I blinked once :)

I am also working on my Sugar Block Club blocks today and trying to finish the paper pieced February Block.  It's so much easier then I thought it would be. {I have never paper pieced before}  I enjoyed the paper piecing process, though  feel that it wastes a little fabric.

Have a great weekend!
This is a linkup with Leah Day at the Free Motion Quilting Project.
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What fun!!


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby Puzzler

My husband's close friend (a soldier he did  his Iraq tours with) is having a baby!  My first thought was baby quilt!  I wanted it to be special and thought it was a perfect time to use my puzzle blocks.  I couldn't find a pattern for a puzzle quilt anywhere so I made my own.
  Once I have then kinks worked out, I'll make a tutorial in case someone wants to make it.
 I want to finish piecing today, my Janome gets back tomorrow!  All I will want to do is fmq after that :-)

Have fun creating this week!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dash of Color

For all of those with extra-supportive husbands, do they stick their nose in your sewing room?

Mine is full of suggestions and critiques... good ones mostly, and appreciated, but weird right?   Hehe. He named the star quilt below,  and helped when I designed the dash sashing.  Right before he went back to NHL 13 on the PS3 :p. He wanted me to write the last so everyone would knows he's a tough guy who likes video games.

Here's my finished top. I may need to stop sharing pictures of every step of the process so the finished pictures will be more fun. I can't wait to quilt this!!!

Dash of Color

Linking up today with Free Motion by the River,   Quilt Story: Fabric Tuesday, and WIP Wednesday (a day early)
Have fun creating this week!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Anything Goes With Marelize

It is Monday again and a Linky Party @ Stitch by Stitch is happenin'

Haha ^^ I felt nerdy typing that.  Speaking of Nerdy...I am in the middle of a Stargate SG1 Marathon. Trying to get through Season 1 as fast as possible though, the show started out super cheesy.

This week is another week full of too many projects and not enough time. Sometimes I only sew one piece of a block together before having to stop again {kids under 5}  That means that my wall quilt is still in the works.  Hopefully today I can get the solid borders on and start the pieced border.  Finishing this is my priority so when my Janome gets back,I can start quilting.

Sneak peek
I picked up this fabric for a secret birthday surprise...I saw this fabric and literally obsessed over it all night long Saturday.  Sunday morning, I had it in my lap as soon as JoAnne's opened. Here's a hint....It may turn into an apron. Funky!!!

Just for fun: My angelfish spawned over the weekend and all day yesterday they moved the hatched eggs to a new leaf.  The pair is doing an amazing job.
Happy Birthday new Angels!

Have Fun creating!  I am also Linking up for the first time over at Sew Many Ways.

Friday, March 1, 2013

FMQ Cheat

I guess it is cheating a little but I am not FMQ-ing this week...not YET anyway.  I am Dye-ing fabric to be quilted.  It counts for FMQ Friday, right? Well, I linked-up with Leah Day anyway!!! :)

I was peeking through my older copies of QuiltingArts from back before I ever quilted anything and only dreamed of having the skills to create art like the featured pieces.  I came across a piece called Daisy Chain by Jenny Rolfe that is deceptively simple and decided to make a version of it.  Her techniques were very loosely outlined, which is good because I won't be trapped into trying to make an exact copy. I can just take the basic inspiration and Fly.

I took a white wholecloth and some spritz bottles full of dye and just went nutso on it.  I used the  spritz bottle specifically because I was blending 4 colors and wanted the results to be more blended then uniform. 

I used purple around the edges with a lot of dark blue, a light spritzing of these covered the whole cloth as well.  Then towards the center I used a turquoise and lime green {Lime green shows up a lot around here}   The point was for the center to be slightly lighter then the edges. 'Slightly' being a key word here.

The greens don't quite show up in the dim garage lighting.  They will when this is dried and in the sunlight I hope :)

I'll be using paints, fabric pastels and thread to really play with colors on this. I am also cutting my own stamp to use for the flower chain down the center.  I'll post on my progress as I go.  It will either be great or an epic fail, but learning is the key here I think!

Sorry for the Many words!