Saturday, April 27, 2013

Nick of Time

I am linking up my Snip it Good Block for the And Sew on...BOM @ Quiet Play.  I am actually remaking this block today. I wasn't happy with my background choice.  

What's really fun about these cute blocks is that on each one I am using paint to highlight different parts.  The seam ripper block had silver paint to make the metal look metal.   I am using a paint today on this scissor block to make the metal look really but still and dull steel.  Fun!  lol

See?  The background did not work out at all with the many seam lines.

Friday, April 26, 2013


It's been two weeks to the day since I have posted. My mother-in-law was visiting and MAN! is she a shopper.  We were out all day everyday for her whole visit.   I still found the time to sew of course, like any of us crazy quilters would.
   I made some awesome tote bags.  I am especially proud of them because the design is all mine.

There's one more but I didn't get a photo before my MIL took it home :)  I was pretty excited over figuring out the sunk in zipper and liner zipper pocket.

Anyway Happy Friday! The linky buttons are all to the right... I have to go get caught up on Bloom Bloom Pow.   Cutting and sewing the blocks!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday! Finally!

I'm so happy it is Friday! This week has dragged on long enough.   My happy sewing machines are running non-stop today.  Can you smell the machine oil burning?  Yum. haha  There are a lot of linkies going on today...Here goes:

The strip piecing instructions came out for Bloom Bloom Pow yesterday and it's taking me longer then I thought. I used my stash so my strips are in both sizes, not a big deal sewing is fun! {Insert my WHOOP WHOOP! here}

I am of course still free motion quilting on my wall hanging. There's about a hundred starts and stops, lots of thread changes, but it is great practice!

My Cala Lily was my BIG finish this week.   I won't go posting the photo for a third time {that's too obnoxious}  Here's a link to that post instead.  I am linking this one up to the  Link a Finish Friday.

Here's a little planning on my hexies...I am trying to pick a background fabric...any thoughts on which?   I think I could have found something better even, but I am using my stash and that's that. lol   Help!  On white or beige?

Technically it was laying on my carpet, but I think it qualifies for the Design Wall  weekend linky. :) 

Since there aren't enough linkies in this post already, I am going to go ahead and linkup to the Find a friend Friday linky party @ Sew Man Ways.

Whew. Wore myself out with all the joining.  Have a great weekend everyone :)

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP Quilting

For WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced I am working on my brightly colored wall quilt. Quilting is taking forever!!!  This was always meant for my sewing room wall, and being new-ish to FMQ, I decided to make it practice for design patterns.  So basically,  I am doing a few different patterns in the different squares and triangles.   I am not sure how the outcome will look, but I need this practice badly!  Heres a peek:

I am linking this post to the My Favorite Things Linky--theme Star Quilts this week! Button on the right.....

I had a great finish this week as well! My Cala Lily from the Painted Pictorial Quilts class on Craftsy. Highly recommend the class, by the way.

Tomorrow is the strip piecing post for Bloom Bloom Pow!  Change to a piecing foot! :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

I painted it!

I couldn't wait to post today and show my finished lily from the Painted Pictorial Quilt class on    No fuss....Here's the Before and After.

Pretty cool what a little paint and thread can do!  I am beyond hyped over painting fabrics and can't wait to start the second project!

Thanks for looking. This is a linkup with Stitch by Stitch.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 5, 2013

FMQ Friday with Sounds of Ripping

Yeah, I'm ripping. Ripping, ripping and more ripping.   You are free to judge or at least find a bit of sympathy for me cause ripping is not FUN!    My Express Your Love went to some dark places in my heart and it was headed for the pile where UFO's never return. I am very attached to her, so letting her go would have been sad for me. So, instead of giving up {I am NOT a quitter!}  I am ripping the parts I hate instead.  Its slow going, I probably wouldn't do this for any other project.  It will be worth it when shes fixed and beautiful again.

  I am sparing you a photo of the carnage for now.

The GOOD news today is that I should be ready to quilt on my Cala Lily from the Painted Pictorial Quilts class on   The teacher is so fantastic and is leaving me with so much confidence. Creating art quilts with fabrics and paints has really stuck a cord in me and I feel like something has clicked into place that I was missing!  I can't wait to start my own projects.

Here's a little peek at my practice leaf  {the bottom leaf} I can't believe how much it came to life! and that was just my first practice!  :)
This is a FMQ Friday Link up with Leah Day!

Monday, April 1, 2013

NewFo Challange and Mommy Guilt

I wanted to start out talking about Mommy guilt today.  I have it bad and can't seem to shake it.  There are days were it is too easy to feel inadequate, like a failure, and just in general like a terrible Mommy.  Days where Disney channel played for 4 straight hours while I guilty sewed my heart out, or the pile of fruit snack wrappers piled up because it's the only thing that distracts the kiddies long enough to just finish this binding!   Surely, these are not too serious in the long scheme of things, but that little guilty voice in my head won't stop nagging me.

On the Bright side: I wasn't scolding, or yelling, or losing my cool since my kids were TV zombies with full tummies. :p  They will probably live through it, remembering those days as fun, but I will always wish I had played with them all day instead.

Now back to quilt talk!  The Newfo Challange from March is going on and here are all my New and Unfinished projects:

1. Painted Cala Lily from the Painted Pictorial Quilts Class on Craftsy.  Just started this one last weekend so there are no photos yet :/ Just some Practice Strokes.

2.  Purse for sister-in-law. Animal Print can really grow on you. Almost Finished.

3. My first Hexies!
4. Practice quilting designs for my wall hanging.
I drew this little coffee mug, a must on my sewing room wall. :)

5. Another Hearts and Feathers, purely for skill building in Trapunto with water-soluble thread for less thread buildup then my first try.
6.  Fabric Pull for Bloom Bloom Pow {I am including this in my NewFO's because that's how excited I am for this quilt-along}

I have a few more projects going on {as if these aren't enough} but they are Top-Secret.  Mother's Day is coming soon afterall.  :)

I am also linking up today with Stitch by Stitch

Happy April Everyone!