Friday, April 5, 2013

FMQ Friday with Sounds of Ripping

Yeah, I'm ripping. Ripping, ripping and more ripping.   You are free to judge or at least find a bit of sympathy for me cause ripping is not FUN!    My Express Your Love went to some dark places in my heart and it was headed for the pile where UFO's never return. I am very attached to her, so letting her go would have been sad for me. So, instead of giving up {I am NOT a quitter!}  I am ripping the parts I hate instead.  Its slow going, I probably wouldn't do this for any other project.  It will be worth it when shes fixed and beautiful again.

  I am sparing you a photo of the carnage for now.

The GOOD news today is that I should be ready to quilt on my Cala Lily from the Painted Pictorial Quilts class on   The teacher is so fantastic and is leaving me with so much confidence. Creating art quilts with fabrics and paints has really stuck a cord in me and I feel like something has clicked into place that I was missing!  I can't wait to start my own projects.

Here's a little peek at my practice leaf  {the bottom leaf} I can't believe how much it came to life! and that was just my first practice!  :)
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  1. Good idea kelly...Orange Juice it, baby... Rip it up and start again!

    Loving the leaf, too....

    Bundana @

    1. Orange juice it. Lol. Thanks for the support! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your Goddess, I'm sure she will be "well" soon.

    Your leaf looks amazing!

  3. I really enjoy painting fabric too. I've only done a few projects that required it, but looking for an excuse to do another. Your work is lovely.

    1. Thanks so much. I am quilting on my lily now, so scary after all of the delicate painting. I would recommend this class to even experienced painters, its been a great one.


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