Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School days are here

So, confessions/ rantings...I have not been posting very much in the last month or two and feel terrible about it.  This blog provides a much loved connection to other people who enjoy quilting as much as I do. I find inspiration, motivation and endless ideas for projects in this blogging community!!   I haven't been posting much because I have been working on items for my store, everyday, and I never wanted this blog to become a big advertisement. A mention here and there is fine, but I haven't been sewing ANYTHING but business stuff, so what the heck do I blog about then??

My oldest son Gavin had his first day of Kindergarten yesterday.  They start so early here, and I wasnt ready!   He was though!!!!   Tucker (my soon-to-be 3 year old) and I missed Gavin all day, and when he came home I asked if he missed us.  Gavin said "I didn't miss you guys AT ALL"   *mental headslap*   Five-year-olds are turds.  

  I said smile big..and he went with the goofy smile, of course.

I do have some fun news!  I have just loaded up a baby quilt on my frame and will be working on it tonight. I'll be sure to grab some pictures!  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Helpers

Summer is almost over for us, my Gavin is going to Kindergarten in exactly two weeks.  We are starting to prepare for a very busy few months to come, after a long leisurely summer.   Gavin is going to try playing soccer, so I will officially be a soccer mom for a few months. haha! 

Poor Tucker, my little guy, is going to be miserable when Gavin starts going to school all day, so I need to find some things to distract him with through the week.

I will miss having my little helpers around and I MIGHT even miss all of the noise.

They were very helpful this morning when I was basting a quilt.  The center of this will be appliqued, but I wanted to quilt it first and applique over the quilted background.   I need to adjust the pinmoors, they are creating a pucker.  It was surprising, but all of the leftover pinmoors ended up back in the jar. My sneaky boys have been known to run off with them.

I've started to make business card holders for my etsy shop, which I thought would be a fun thing to do a tutorial of soon. They are very popular with the local ladies for their business cards or store reward cards.

That's my blab for the day. I'm planning to straight line quilt the piece above, and I'm all ready to start!

Have a great week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Burning the machine oil

Needless to say, theres been a bit of a break between posts around here.  It's the summer, man!  hehe  

Well, that and my machine was off getting serviced, which stopped me from sewing for a week or two altogether.  If you have had your machine for awhile and it needs a service....DO IT!!   My Janome 1600p is back and I didn't even know that it could sew this beautifully and quietly.   My tension is spot on, where before I had to twitch it around constantly.  I oiled this machine regularly according to the instructions, but it turns out that sewing for 12 hours a day was drying it out faster then normal. I was told to oil it every 6 hours of sewing.

The best part is that I put it on my Gracie Frame in the garage, and for the first time, I was able to quilt without thread issues, breakages, and I didn't have to use a crazy needle.   That's what I get for waiting a year and a half before getting a service.  Shame on me. Lesson learned.    My practice run:  My stitches were a little big, but the tension was spot on.

Now for the fun stuff!  My friend Shauna saw my finished quilt from the Triangle Quilt A-Long and loved it, so she requested a triangle quilt for her son's room.  Bright green, Blue, and white stripes to be exact.  I love these colors, which made it a joy to create.  I loaded it on my frame this past weekend and quilted it {with a very cooperative machine.

Today, I will be squaring up the edges and creating an special applique for the bottom left corner. A soccer ball!  I decided to applique the ball after quilting it on the frame. I've done this recently with other quilts and like the effect. It almost adds the look of trapunto without having to use extra batting.

A full size photo will be coming in a few days. I'm going to work on it now!  Have a great day everyone!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Triumphant after the tantrum.

So it's been a busy week, but somehow I have accomplished very little.  My powerhouse and main sewing machine {Janome 1600p QC}  is getting serviced {yes, I am feeling lost without it} and it puts a huge kink in my sewing plans.
Might as well be a hole in my heart!  haha---but seriously.
I am having to do all of my sewing on my little Brother, and while its nice to have for button holes and zig zag stitches, I rarely use this machine.  The majority of my sewing projects are quilted, interfaced, and fully lined.  By the time I am assembling a wallet or bag, this little Brother can't even drive the needle through the layers.  I need my Janome!!
Good effort little guy.

Anyway, after a lot of struggling and frustration yesterday, I finally finished a business card holder for a friend of a friend.

If anyone has any tips on using metal snaps, I'll take it.  I messed up 4 times when pressing them with the snap pliers, and switched to these baby snaps instead.  Honestly, there may have been a temper tantrum which fully convinced my family that I'm a nut job.  All good today though, and they are used to my antics.

That's all for today. A little whining and a triumphant and hard earned finish!  haha    Hope you are having an easier time!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dream it, Make it!

It's been a busy few weeks.  I am sewing my heart out on so many different projects that I am starting to feel like a busy bee, flitting from one thing to the next.  That's never a sad story though!

I am working on something special for my Mom's Stamping/Craft room.  I can share one sneak peek of the design because she's seen it this far, but then I have to keep it super secret after that, until the finish!

haha! Had my colored pencils out again!  There needs to be a few adjustments when I start transferring this into fabric, the placement of some of the stems especially.

I'll be quilting a white background and appliqueing the letters, bugs and flowers. I'm also still trying to decide what kind of border to do, I need to have the background and border pieced before I can begin to applique anything.   Flying geese maybe?   Definitely something scrappy and bright.  I'll take lots of pictures of the process and do a post when it is finished.

I've also been on a clothing kick, making my own summer clothes.  I am extremely camera shy, so I have a hastily taken selfie of my latest outfit, but the quality is not the best. Sorry friends.
I did an underliner in the shorts with white muslin, which turned out wonderfully and turned a basic cotton white fabric into what feels like a super soft denim.  Sorry for a lack of details on the tank. This shows the basic idea at least.    I am starting to loving sewing clothes, even though I get very anxious over it. {Thats just the lack of knowledge talking}  Once I get used to the techniques for clothes, I'll feel better about it.

The only other new fun thing is that I have started to package my Etsy items in brown paper with string for a more natural look, and I think a bit nicer too.  Who can resist humming  "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music when they get this in the mail?

"Brown paper packages, tied up with string......"

Time to sew!   Happy creating everyone! Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Secret Projects

I can reveal my project today... my friend Joanna had me working on a project for her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law for an engagement gift.  Well, they were officially engaged this past weekend, so I no longer need to keep the quilt a secret.

The basic idea was that I would make a wall hanging sized quilt for them that would be easy to later turn into a full sized quilt.   Joanna sent me an inspiration photo...and I drew a design.  The addition of Doves was requested, along with strict guidelines that I only use TEAL and a tiny amount of green.  I would love to make a similar version of this with my own color options....someday. I would also to make the flowers more realistic and use a little paint to make them rich in color.  

Once the design was approved, I started quilting... I apologize for the next few photos. They were taken on my phone. Lesson Learned...
I needed to leave room for the wedding date, so that explains the empty space on the bottom right.
Satin stitching is on my Practice Immediately list.

The big finish was really nice. It was fun to work on and I hope the couple will treasure it.

Thanks for letting me share.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sad to see you go...

So, you know how there is a fine line between hoarding and stocking up?  Most of you that find yourselves on my blog are probably crafty in some way, so I am sure you can understand...

My husband has a very specific eyebrow raise when I'm buying all kinds of seemingly random craft supplies.   Freezer paper at the grocery store, colored pencils, glass sheet from lowes {to make a light table}, every size of snaps, buttons, etc...  The list could go on forever.

Don't get me wrong...My husband is a great sport and never says anything, but I know the look. It means something like "I know thats going in the closet to never be seen again, but if you NEED it that bad, I'll keep my mouth shut"

Well, I'm proving him wrong. A few years ago I HAD to have a shiny box of colored pencils and yesterday I used them for something!  What if I didn't have them in the craft closet?  Then I would have had to GO to the store for them.  Thats crazy.  It's much better to have the craft store in my home.  ;)   Ps. I learned this behavior from my crafty hoarding mom.  {It's nice to have someone to blame}

So, for the proof...I have a super secret project again, but I can give a little glimpse of the design.

Gives nothing away!! Bwahahaha.

Some good news is that I've sold my first quilt, my baby puzzle quilt to be specific. I blogged about it here a little last year. I was so excited, until I realized that I had to actually send it to someone and couldn't keep it.  It was my first ever start to finish quilt, designed by me and quilted with feathers in the border.  I've decided that the only thing to be done, is to make another one.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014


I've been a horrible blogger in the last few weeks. I'm sure those of you who are blogger's as well, understand completely. Life gets hectic.  

My sweet, sensitive four year old graduated from preschool.  Very emotional. Gavin was so lucky to have teachers this year who were able to really embrace his sensitivity with a sense of humor and understanding.  I hope we get the same from his teacher in Kindergarten next year {or even better, that Gavin grows out of it}  I love this kid, but once in awhile I really wish he could try something new without a full blown panic attack.  He is missing out on so much fun.

We made gifts for his teachers {meaning me} With a lovely drawing by Gavin included.

Eye pillows and Cosmetic pouches.

My favorite thing ever---Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin saved the day and I had gift bags made in 5 minutes.

I have been quilting in between all the craziness of course!  I was working all week on a table runner for Twisted Treasures.   Another vender event runner.  I started out doing a teardrop echo quilting, but soon realized that I didn't have enough orange thread to finish a whole runner in this style.  Drawback #1 of using Isacord thread and not having a local supplier.  
I was also worried that it would be too dense to applique the logo's lettering neatly.

 I did a large and loose stipple in the end which fit perfectly with the business's logo.

It came out pretty cute. I am especially happy with the jewel and the awesome batik I found for it.

Now I am working on a tote bag in matching colors. I get to embroider on it which means FUN is in my future!  lol 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Fireworks of thread.

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!  I don't know about you, but in my brain the word HOLIDAY is synonymous with CAKE.   Im officially on a sugar free diet for awhile after 4 days of baking.   I need to put all of my attention into my projects and try to remember what eating healthy means.

I played a little in my sewing room over the weekend, but didnt really finished anything. I have an order for a large tote bag to work on, and fireworks were requested.  Playing with my embroidery machine is easily one of my favorite pastimes.  

I LOVE the batik used for the bag body.  This tote is for an artist and the paint splatter is so fitting.

I need to remember that I can re-hoop when planning design placement.   That should come with practice though. I've only embroidered a few things so far.

I'll be sure to pop up a photo of the finished bag in a few days.  My husband, Kenny, is going to cut a hardwood bottom for me. I'll cover it in batting a matching fabric for a sturdy bottom.

Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival- Flirt

Hi and welcome!!  If you are here from the Blogger's Quilt Festival, thanks for coming!  I am so excited to be entering a quilt in the festival for the first time in the Home Machine Quilted Category

My flirt panel started out as a testing of my limits and skills in quilting. It was a project for me to play around on and not to take too seriously, but as I moved over the panel with different quilting designs, I found myself really attached and invested in this little quilt.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and accomplished goals with free motion quilting that I wasn't sure I could.    The finish of this little square was a proud moment for me, all of the imperfections and triumphs included.

Here's some of my favorite photos of Flirt:

Quilt Stats:
Quilter: Kelly Vetch
Name of Quilt: Flirt
Size: 28" x 28 1/2"
Fabrics: Flirt By Sandy Gervais For Moda Fabrics
Thread: Isacord in many matching colors
Quilted on my Janome 1600p

Thanks for coming!  Enjoy the festival!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Busy Work

Yesterday turned into one of those days where there were endless things to do. My son Gavin is about to graduate from preschool and his teachers asked me to cut out some things to get them ready for next year.  It was the least  I can do to say thank you for how wonderful they are with him.   Gavin is so sensitive and sweet, but gets upset easily.  Thats the mild version of it, anyway! lol

Then I realized that I was completely out of business cards.  I make them myself, thanks to my Stampin' Up demonstrator for a mom, but it can take a long time and I have to make them pretty often.

I love how designer paper looks like fabric. :)  I don't like that the one I took a picture of was cut crooked. LOL  Homemade touch. :-/

Before I close up for the day...I almost forgot to show my shorts finish!  I was so excited when I realized they fit perfectly.  Maybe even a little loose, but I can easily bring in the seam allowance by an 1/8 of an inch.

Getting a picture of this print was tough, but it was really a practice pair.  I'll post some pictures after the weekend with some of my for-real attempts.  I'll be using a serger for the first time. Should be interesting :)

Have fun today!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A quilter sewing clothes...

I don't know about any of you other quilters out there, but sewing clothes scares me.  I have been making bags, wallets, and all kinds of quilted knick-knacks for years, but the thought of sewing clothing is making my brain shut down.

It doesn't help that I started my first ever pair of shorts by trying to draft a pattern myself.
 Let's just jump in the deep end.   The end result was shorts that fit so well that I ripped them when I was taking them off!!!!  hehe.

NO. There's not a photo to prove it. I had a good laugh about it, while also feeling pretty discouraged.  My mom, who always has the right answer {or googles one for me} told me to go buy a pattern.  She was right, of course.  There's a great sale on patterns at Joann's this week so I went and grabbed some.  I'm going to make shorts today and see how it goes. The pattern is a little scary in it's current form, but patterns I can handle...

The biggest issue is the fabric choices.  I KNOW what fabrics I can use in a quilt or bag. I've been learning for a long time about what I can work with. All of the stretchy knits are new to me, and intimidating.  

Rant/Whining over.  I am going to man up! Turn on some project runway re-runs and get my sew on!

I'll post some pictures later in the week of my scary new adventure.

Here's some pictures of my table runner finish for my friend Shauna.  I'm loving the texture of the zig-zags.
 You aren't seeing double. I made two of them at Shauna's request! lol

Thanks for looking.
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