Thursday, January 23, 2014

Calling All Auburn Fans!

 Now let's be honest, while I love NFL football, I am not much of a college fan. However, since we are currently stationed in Georgia, which happens to be right in the "football belt"  we are finding that football talk is dominating our world. {some call it the bible belt, but really, have you experienced how serious these southerners are about their football?

Which leads me to my call for Auburn fans!  I found some vibrant Auburn University fabric and had to grab it.  I'm cutting and quilting and assembling a tote bag with matching wallet as we speak. I'm loving the colors today, I must say.

Coffee Breaks over, getting back to work :)
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  1. My SIL is from Georgia but he is a Bulls fan ( I think) I know the color is red! Can't wait to see your tote! Thanks for sharing.
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