Sunday, March 30, 2014

Raider's quilt for Kenny

I finished a Raider's quilt top for my hubby a year ago, then folded it up and there it sat this whole time. He reminded me about it often enough but I didn't have a chance to quilt it until now. It was also a chance to use my new pinmoors to baste a quilt for the first time. So far, I like them a lot, but I'll let you know after I finish quilting. I had to find enough floor space to spread out, which was tough. A shove of the boy's train table and a quick gather of random toys and the playroom floor was perfect.

Crazy football backing!

Pinmoors are so much easier to baste with.  If they stay put, I'll be so happy!!  No crampy fingers.

I may have been basting a little more densely then necessary, but new techniques have a learning curve!

My sewing room kitty-Eva, got really excited over the bobbin winding process.  I pre-wound about 6 bobbins, though I don't feel like I will use close to that many.

I'm off to start quilting!  I would like to throw this out there for anyone who was following my progress on my Flirt Panel...ITS DONE!!!   I am hand sewing the hanging sleeve tonight and in a few days I will be able to share my finish!  So exciting!!!

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Triangle Quilt Along

I meant to post about the Triangle Quilt along earlier this week but I have been distracted by my first giveaway, which is a little slower then I expected! { Not to sound like a crybaby, but I'm trying to give away free stuff here people!!!}

Anyway, back to the Triangles... Everyone's color choices so far are just gorgeous and its going to add up to an amazing assortment of quilts!  It will be so inspiring to see everyone's progress. Here's my color choices in a fun little wheel.

I am so excited to begin this quilt along. I have been sewing for my Etsy store and making wallet orders for months now and there has been no time for anything else. I am carving out time for this no matter what!!  The colors will compliment my new sewing room setup beautifully, so I think it should go up on my sewing room wall.  We have just finished building a new entertainment cabinet for my sewing room so hanging up this quilt along quilt would just round out all of the colors.  Here's a peek at the cabinet my husband and I built.. 
I'll get up a photo soon of the cabinet in my room.  I have already changed the fabric from the blue in my File Cabinet Makeover post, to the green paisley that I am using in the Triangle quilt so that they will compliment each other. :)

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Facebook Giveaway!

I noticed a jump in activity on my facebook page recently and decided to offer a giveaway.  I wanted to spread the joy through the blogging community as well {I know how we all love a giveaway} :)  I'll be giving away one of my Eye Pillows with your choice of Lavender or Spearmint herbs. They double as a hot/cold pack, and the cover is machine washable.

All you have to do to be eligible is go to my page and like WheresMySeamRipper and then leave a comment on this post or on the announcement post on facebook letting me know that you did.   When the page reaches 100 likes, I will do a random number draw.   Being a blog follower is not a requirement, but would be appreciated.  ;)

Thanks so much for all the kind comments and support lately!  I'm so inspired and motivated by all of you.  I'm glad to have a way to show my appreciation!!  Goodluck!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

File Cabinet Makeover

Ugly, Dented and Old sums it up.  My black file cabinet which doubles as a iron pad. You may be thinking that it doesn't look that bad. It was! Really!  It has dents and scrapes and years of wear and tear.   I was hunting for the perfect replacement, but not wanting to spend much and I quickly realized that file cabinets aren't super cheap, and this one still works fine.   Maybe a MAKEOVER?!!!
I got out my nifty bottle of Mod Podge, which has been through some fun times with me and my light switch coverplates.....
Auditioned some fabrics....(meaning pictures sent to my mom via text) ;)
Then I cut fabric pieces a 1/2" larger on each side and marked the place for the handle hole.
Similar to doing lightswitch covers, I cut the hole leaving a 1/4 inch inside the marked lines and clipped the corners so the 1/4" flap would fold to the inside.
Press the fabric to the inside.
Next... I did a little test run using masking tape to hold the fabric in place.   I can admit that I cut my first piece weird and the hole was off-center.  It's also good to test before gluing things down :)  I know that one from experience too. haha!

Time to Mod Podge!  I did this on the back on one of my old cutting mats, it has a very slick surface which the mod podge can be cleaned off easily.  I wouldn't do this on your nice kitchen table without something underneath to protect it....Just sayin!
 A nice even coat.  Being generous with the podge won't hurt a thing here.

Ready?  Slap it on!
 I used this handy scraper tool to smooth all of the air bubbles out, but anything flat would do fine.

I folded the corners carefully to be sure they would lay tidy and flat, using more mod podge to really get it saturated and stuck down.

Next~ Another coat of the podge!  I made sure to brushstroke in the same direction. (Ignore the eild brushstrokes in the picture below, lol) Mod podge drys clear, but it has a textured finish and if you go all crazy it can sometimes show a little.

Luckily, it has a super fast dry time, so while it finished drying, my hubby Kenny helped me tackle my awful purple iron pads.  A piece of wood, some batting, lovely green fabric, and a staple gun!


It's so bright and pretty now!  

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Quilts of Valor Block

After recently rejoining my local quilt guild, one of the first things I discovered is that they have become very active with Quilts of Valor.  If you have not heard of Quilts of Valor, please go to the official website and see what it is

Quilts of Valor and it's purpose, is especially meaningful for me.  My father retired from the Army after 22 years of service, and my husband has just hit his 11th year in the Army and is still going strong.  There are guidelines to making these quilts to be sure that every soldier and/or veteran has something special to comfort them.

Every month at the guild meeting they give out a BOM {block of the month} and at the next meeting you bring it back finished.  Then there is a drawing and someone will win the collection of blocks.   Well, last month they decided to make the block theme all about Quilts of Valor.  They asked that we make the BOM and then make an extra block to donate.

I couldn't wait to get started.  It turned out to be an extremely simple block, but sometimes the ease of a simple block can be soothing. The best part is that I found this whole stack of red, white, and blue nickel squares on the back of my fabric shelf.

All I needed were some 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" pieces and a 4 1/2" center square. One for each block.

A layout.

A proud finish!  lol  These were fun. I can't wait to see the collection of blocks at the guild meeting.  Everyone will have used their own fabrics so it is always fun to see all of the finished blocks together.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How I made my Design Board

My Design Board is the control center for my whole sewing world.  It has works-in-progress, to-do projects, design inspirations, color ideas, fabric paint samples....everything that helps me create daily.  The board keeps me organized and centered on what I need to be doing.

I thought I would show you how I made my design board. It is such an easy and cost effective way to make one.  This will be a smaller board at 30 x 20 inches. I actually combine smaller boards side by side or just make larger ones from the beginning, but it works either way. The boards on my wall now are all 32x40 inches and lined side by side creating one large design wall.  I do plan to add to them up to the ceiling later, since it's so easy to add more boards.


  • 3/16th inch Foam board.
     Thicker or thinner foam board works just fine. I like the foam board because you can stick a pin in it if something is too heavy for the batting to hold on it's own.   Keep to a budget and don't stress over it.  I got mine at Michaels with a coupon. 
  • Tape. (I'm not pretending that I'm fancy here. I used plain old duck tape.  My old board lasted for years until the batting was fuzzy and dusty and it was easy to peel the tape and reuse the foam board.) The tape goes on the back, and no one will ever know.
  • Batting.  I used Warm & Natural cotton batting because I buy large bulk rolls of it every year.  Feel free to buy some batting with a coupon for this.  A similar texture to warm & natural is nice, however. It is thin but sturdy, and doesn't get fuzzy too quickly.
  • A way to attach to your wall.  My husband just pounded in a few nails. Easy-Peasy.

The build:
Layout batting on the floor and place your foam board on top.

Pull one end up and tape down evenly.

The pull the batting on the other side lightly to make sure it is tight and tape down.  Don't try to play tug of war with invisible giants...just a light tug please. ;)

My piece of batting was larger then it needs to be. Just enough to pull a few inches to the back is fine.

Do the long sides, lightly tugging the batting tight and being sure to taper the corners in slightly.

Hang, and use or in this case...prop and use  :)

If you would like to cover a wall, these boards line up together nicely, which is exactly how I plan to expand my own setup to cover the whole wall. :)

Thanks for looking and Have fun sewing today!