Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How I made my Design Board

My Design Board is the control center for my whole sewing world.  It has works-in-progress, to-do projects, design inspirations, color ideas, fabric paint samples....everything that helps me create daily.  The board keeps me organized and centered on what I need to be doing.

I thought I would show you how I made my design board. It is such an easy and cost effective way to make one.  This will be a smaller board at 30 x 20 inches. I actually combine smaller boards side by side or just make larger ones from the beginning, but it works either way. The boards on my wall now are all 32x40 inches and lined side by side creating one large design wall.  I do plan to add to them up to the ceiling later, since it's so easy to add more boards.


  • 3/16th inch Foam board.
     Thicker or thinner foam board works just fine. I like the foam board because you can stick a pin in it if something is too heavy for the batting to hold on it's own.   Keep to a budget and don't stress over it.  I got mine at Michaels with a coupon. 
  • Tape. (I'm not pretending that I'm fancy here. I used plain old duck tape.  My old board lasted for years until the batting was fuzzy and dusty and it was easy to peel the tape and reuse the foam board.) The tape goes on the back, and no one will ever know.
  • Batting.  I used Warm & Natural cotton batting because I buy large bulk rolls of it every year.  Feel free to buy some batting with a coupon for this.  A similar texture to warm & natural is nice, however. It is thin but sturdy, and doesn't get fuzzy too quickly.
  • A way to attach to your wall.  My husband just pounded in a few nails. Easy-Peasy.

The build:
Layout batting on the floor and place your foam board on top.

Pull one end up and tape down evenly.

The pull the batting on the other side lightly to make sure it is tight and tape down.  Don't try to play tug of war with invisible giants...just a light tug please. ;)

My piece of batting was larger then it needs to be. Just enough to pull a few inches to the back is fine.

Do the long sides, lightly tugging the batting tight and being sure to taper the corners in slightly.

Hang, and use or in this case...prop and use  :)

If you would like to cover a wall, these boards line up together nicely, which is exactly how I plan to expand my own setup to cover the whole wall. :)

Thanks for looking and Have fun sewing today!


  1. What a great idea, Kelly! Your wall looks wonderful and sure must help to keep you on track. Thanks for sharing your tutorial!

    1. Thanks for hosting your linky Lorna! My wall is pretty basic but I got the idea from a blog a year ago and thought I could share the joy :)

  2. Duct Tape! SMART! And here I was burning my fingers with the hot glue gun. The next ones I make I'm totally using duct tape!

    1. I felt like a goof posting duct tape pics! But it holds the batting super tight. :)

  3. The last one I made was also with hot glue,thank you for sharing this,the next one will be a duct tape special.

    1. Thanks CeLynn :) I hope you like how quick it is and how tight yoh can pull the batting.

  4. Great idea! I don't have a design wall (I sew at my kitchen table so there's no 'sewing room' to put it in), but this could give me one I could just prop and use as needed.

  5. Found your blog through "We did it Wednesday"! Nice idea...and easy, that's what I like!

  6. great idea! I don't have a design wall, and have been thinking of making one!

    Thanks so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation


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