Saturday, May 31, 2014


I've been a horrible blogger in the last few weeks. I'm sure those of you who are blogger's as well, understand completely. Life gets hectic.  

My sweet, sensitive four year old graduated from preschool.  Very emotional. Gavin was so lucky to have teachers this year who were able to really embrace his sensitivity with a sense of humor and understanding.  I hope we get the same from his teacher in Kindergarten next year {or even better, that Gavin grows out of it}  I love this kid, but once in awhile I really wish he could try something new without a full blown panic attack.  He is missing out on so much fun.

We made gifts for his teachers {meaning me} With a lovely drawing by Gavin included.

Eye pillows and Cosmetic pouches.

My favorite thing ever---Stampin' Up Paper Pumpkin saved the day and I had gift bags made in 5 minutes.

I have been quilting in between all the craziness of course!  I was working all week on a table runner for Twisted Treasures.   Another vender event runner.  I started out doing a teardrop echo quilting, but soon realized that I didn't have enough orange thread to finish a whole runner in this style.  Drawback #1 of using Isacord thread and not having a local supplier.  
I was also worried that it would be too dense to applique the logo's lettering neatly.

 I did a large and loose stipple in the end which fit perfectly with the business's logo.

It came out pretty cute. I am especially happy with the jewel and the awesome batik I found for it.

Now I am working on a tote bag in matching colors. I get to embroider on it which means FUN is in my future!  lol 

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Fireworks of thread.

Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!  I don't know about you, but in my brain the word HOLIDAY is synonymous with CAKE.   Im officially on a sugar free diet for awhile after 4 days of baking.   I need to put all of my attention into my projects and try to remember what eating healthy means.

I played a little in my sewing room over the weekend, but didnt really finished anything. I have an order for a large tote bag to work on, and fireworks were requested.  Playing with my embroidery machine is easily one of my favorite pastimes.  

I LOVE the batik used for the bag body.  This tote is for an artist and the paint splatter is so fitting.

I need to remember that I can re-hoop when planning design placement.   That should come with practice though. I've only embroidered a few things so far.

I'll be sure to pop up a photo of the finished bag in a few days.  My husband, Kenny, is going to cut a hardwood bottom for me. I'll cover it in batting a matching fabric for a sturdy bottom.

Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival- Flirt

Hi and welcome!!  If you are here from the Blogger's Quilt Festival, thanks for coming!  I am so excited to be entering a quilt in the festival for the first time in the Home Machine Quilted Category

My flirt panel started out as a testing of my limits and skills in quilting. It was a project for me to play around on and not to take too seriously, but as I moved over the panel with different quilting designs, I found myself really attached and invested in this little quilt.  I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and accomplished goals with free motion quilting that I wasn't sure I could.    The finish of this little square was a proud moment for me, all of the imperfections and triumphs included.

Here's some of my favorite photos of Flirt:

Quilt Stats:
Quilter: Kelly Vetch
Name of Quilt: Flirt
Size: 28" x 28 1/2"
Fabrics: Flirt By Sandy Gervais For Moda Fabrics
Thread: Isacord in many matching colors
Quilted on my Janome 1600p

Thanks for coming!  Enjoy the festival!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Busy Work

Yesterday turned into one of those days where there were endless things to do. My son Gavin is about to graduate from preschool and his teachers asked me to cut out some things to get them ready for next year.  It was the least  I can do to say thank you for how wonderful they are with him.   Gavin is so sensitive and sweet, but gets upset easily.  Thats the mild version of it, anyway! lol

Then I realized that I was completely out of business cards.  I make them myself, thanks to my Stampin' Up demonstrator for a mom, but it can take a long time and I have to make them pretty often.

I love how designer paper looks like fabric. :)  I don't like that the one I took a picture of was cut crooked. LOL  Homemade touch. :-/

Before I close up for the day...I almost forgot to show my shorts finish!  I was so excited when I realized they fit perfectly.  Maybe even a little loose, but I can easily bring in the seam allowance by an 1/8 of an inch.

Getting a picture of this print was tough, but it was really a practice pair.  I'll post some pictures after the weekend with some of my for-real attempts.  I'll be using a serger for the first time. Should be interesting :)

Have fun today!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A quilter sewing clothes...

I don't know about any of you other quilters out there, but sewing clothes scares me.  I have been making bags, wallets, and all kinds of quilted knick-knacks for years, but the thought of sewing clothing is making my brain shut down.

It doesn't help that I started my first ever pair of shorts by trying to draft a pattern myself.
 Let's just jump in the deep end.   The end result was shorts that fit so well that I ripped them when I was taking them off!!!!  hehe.

NO. There's not a photo to prove it. I had a good laugh about it, while also feeling pretty discouraged.  My mom, who always has the right answer {or googles one for me} told me to go buy a pattern.  She was right, of course.  There's a great sale on patterns at Joann's this week so I went and grabbed some.  I'm going to make shorts today and see how it goes. The pattern is a little scary in it's current form, but patterns I can handle...

The biggest issue is the fabric choices.  I KNOW what fabrics I can use in a quilt or bag. I've been learning for a long time about what I can work with. All of the stretchy knits are new to me, and intimidating.  

Rant/Whining over.  I am going to man up! Turn on some project runway re-runs and get my sew on!

I'll post some pictures later in the week of my scary new adventure.

Here's some pictures of my table runner finish for my friend Shauna.  I'm loving the texture of the zig-zags.
 You aren't seeing double. I made two of them at Shauna's request! lol

Thanks for looking.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Farmer Wife's Baby book

 I posted a sneak peek on Monday with a few farm animals and vintage fabrics.  Well, here's the big reveal... I will be giggling like a nerd through this entire post, just to warn you. 

A secret low-key baby shower disguised as a sewing party....brownies with frosting, baby gifts, and animal by-products...  HAHA.  I needed to find a baby gift to make for this secret baby shower, and time was a big factor.  I poured over the web searching for the right "easy" to sew gift, when I found  Mommy's for Reals and her tutorial for a baby book called:

A Farmer wife's field guide to animal by products.

(My cover)

It wasn't exactly the easy, fast project I needed, but I'm sure you other quilters/crafters out there will understand, I COULDN'T make anything else. This was the one! The ultimate project.  At least to me, it is the funniest thing I have ever seen, especially when it's intended for cute cuddly babies.  I just giggled a little, thinking about it all again.  

I'll now stop teasing and show you what all of this fuss is about!!!

The cute horse becomes....

A fluffy sheep becomes....
A sweater

The duck becomes.....
A feather Pillow

The pig becomes...


OK. Lets throw in the disclaimer for any of you who, in fact, did not giggle their way through this post....

Disclaimer: I, Kelly Vetch, do not endorse animal cruelty, or find it funny in any way.  When I make this book again, I'll be removing the horse and only using animals and food products. 

The flaps of the pages have a layer of plastic in them from a box of triscuits, so they crinkle when you move them.  I think the book needed an extra animal to even out the pages.  When building the book, there was an extra page that you have to sew in awkwardly, and it could have had a much cleaner and professional finish.  I didn't have time to test out ideas.  I was thinking either a chicken and drumstick, or a cow and a T-bone.  Something to look into for next time, and there WILL be a next time.  This book was too much fun to make.   The tutorial was a great starting place, but I think something really super special could happen with some extra time.

I also wished I had more time to quilt all of the pages.  I could have really played with designs and given the book some texture which is great for baby's fingers. The fabric choice was based on Morgan's {pregnant friend} vintage inspired nursery.

I wanted to post pictures of the building of the book, but this is a long-winded post as it is, so I'll save it for when I make another one.

Thanks for looking and I hope you got a giggle out of it. :)
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Weekend Bloggy Reading

Monday, May 5, 2014

Super Secret WIP

It's been hectic around here. Really hectic.  Luckily, I had the chance to go to bed early last night and woke up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the week.      My to-do sewing list is about 15 items long and I'm going to hit each one in order until I finish them all.  

Here's a little peek at my super secret WIP.   It began with some vintage fabrics and a few quilt blocks.
But it is not a quilt.

Yeah, I am smiling ear to ear.  Give me a few days and I'll post the finish!

My other WIP today is the table runner for my friend Shauna.   She needed something with her logo to use on her table at vender events.  I loaded it on my frame this morning and plan to get it quilted by tonight.

  Zig zags for texture, then I plan to applique the letters with a small tidy zig zag stitch.  I did a practice run to find the nicest look. I have to remember to sew slowly, but this will work great.  I'm a pedal to the metal kind of girl when it comes to sewing, so thats the biggest challenge here :)

Here's my little turkey this morning showing off his wheelbarrow of hot wheels.  He's planning to bring them outside while I quilt today for a motor derby {or something}

Super busy around here and having fun!  Hope you are all enjoying these nice May day's too.
Happy Cinco De Mayo for all those who are celebrating!


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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Triangle Finish. Just in Time!

Hey folks. I am frazzled, but I did it. I, literally, JUST sewed the last inch of binding to my triangle quilt.  I sat out overseeing our yard sale today and stitched as quickly as I could.   I never machine stitch bindings to my quilts.  I prefer to hand stitch them to the back, which is a time commitment, but normally I don't mind.  Personal preference and all of that jazz...

Here's the eye candy.  This happens to be the first quilt that I have quilted on my new frame {other then practicing, so far}  

I had some mishaps with the original design I choose to do.  I was planning to do three bumps from corner to corner in each triangle.  The overall look would have been of flower petals... You read that right....WOULD have been.   It turns out that as much as I want to quilt a perfectly smooth 5" arc, its harder then it sounds with a new frame setup, that you aren't used to yet.   I need a little more practice.   I actually cut off the top row of triangles instead of picking out the stitches.  I was done and beaten.

It looked ok from far away, I guess, but I wasn't hanging it on my sewing room wall looking wobbly. I need a lot of practice to learn how to handle this setup, before trying to do more complicated designs on pieces that I planned to hang up. :) After a night of being discouraged, I grabbed all of the positivity that I could and stippled the whole thing.  Which came out wonderfully and cheered me up!!!

The end date for the quilt a long is TODAY! So I'm going now to link up at the Sassy Quilter with a big sigh of relief. It feels great to finish things after having such a sad moment in the middle.