Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Farmer Wife's Baby book

 I posted a sneak peek on Monday with a few farm animals and vintage fabrics.  Well, here's the big reveal... I will be giggling like a nerd through this entire post, just to warn you. 

A secret low-key baby shower disguised as a sewing party....brownies with frosting, baby gifts, and animal by-products...  HAHA.  I needed to find a baby gift to make for this secret baby shower, and time was a big factor.  I poured over the web searching for the right "easy" to sew gift, when I found  Mommy's for Reals and her tutorial for a baby book called:

A Farmer wife's field guide to animal by products.

(My cover)

It wasn't exactly the easy, fast project I needed, but I'm sure you other quilters/crafters out there will understand, I COULDN'T make anything else. This was the one! The ultimate project.  At least to me, it is the funniest thing I have ever seen, especially when it's intended for cute cuddly babies.  I just giggled a little, thinking about it all again.  

I'll now stop teasing and show you what all of this fuss is about!!!

The cute horse becomes....

A fluffy sheep becomes....
A sweater

The duck becomes.....
A feather Pillow

The pig becomes...


OK. Lets throw in the disclaimer for any of you who, in fact, did not giggle their way through this post....

Disclaimer: I, Kelly Vetch, do not endorse animal cruelty, or find it funny in any way.  When I make this book again, I'll be removing the horse and only using animals and food products. 

The flaps of the pages have a layer of plastic in them from a box of triscuits, so they crinkle when you move them.  I think the book needed an extra animal to even out the pages.  When building the book, there was an extra page that you have to sew in awkwardly, and it could have had a much cleaner and professional finish.  I didn't have time to test out ideas.  I was thinking either a chicken and drumstick, or a cow and a T-bone.  Something to look into for next time, and there WILL be a next time.  This book was too much fun to make.   The tutorial was a great starting place, but I think something really super special could happen with some extra time.

I also wished I had more time to quilt all of the pages.  I could have really played with designs and given the book some texture which is great for baby's fingers. The fabric choice was based on Morgan's {pregnant friend} vintage inspired nursery.

I wanted to post pictures of the building of the book, but this is a long-winded post as it is, so I'll save it for when I make another one.

Thanks for looking and I hope you got a giggle out of it. :)
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  1. So I have mixed feelings about the horses becoming glue page but your book, overall is just too sweet and clever. I love that you recycled materials for texture effect.

  2. I think it's great (but I am sure there are people who wouldn't like it! I'm also sure you know your friend, though :-)
    Ok ~ you would really enjoy the picture book, 'I want my hat back' by Jon Klassen - you must check it out! (No skipping to the end though ;-)

  3. I'm with Terri Ann on the horse and am questioning myself over not having the same reaction to poor pig! Must be the bacon sandwich I had at lunch!

  4. What a cute idea. I love the idea of adding more animals. I could also see doing it where the animals give things that may not need to be killed in order to produce it (i.e. chicken=eggs, cow+milk, etc.)

  5. Lovely idea! Very clever quilting and I love the flaps. I am not sure about turning the animals into food though, ha ha. Kymberly makes a great suggestion about what animals produce. City kids nowadays do not know that stuff any more.

  6. This is awesome, Kelly! Yes, I giggled. Horse becomes Jello? Um, not sure that's much better really. Very clever!

  7. I can't stop giggling!! How fantastic! xx

  8. Wow! Anyone, young or old, will get a kick out of your book :) Maybe chicken would be better though lol


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