Thursday, May 15, 2014

Busy Work

Yesterday turned into one of those days where there were endless things to do. My son Gavin is about to graduate from preschool and his teachers asked me to cut out some things to get them ready for next year.  It was the least  I can do to say thank you for how wonderful they are with him.   Gavin is so sensitive and sweet, but gets upset easily.  Thats the mild version of it, anyway! lol

Then I realized that I was completely out of business cards.  I make them myself, thanks to my Stampin' Up demonstrator for a mom, but it can take a long time and I have to make them pretty often.

I love how designer paper looks like fabric. :)  I don't like that the one I took a picture of was cut crooked. LOL  Homemade touch. :-/

Before I close up for the day...I almost forgot to show my shorts finish!  I was so excited when I realized they fit perfectly.  Maybe even a little loose, but I can easily bring in the seam allowance by an 1/8 of an inch.

Getting a picture of this print was tough, but it was really a practice pair.  I'll post some pictures after the weekend with some of my for-real attempts.  I'll be using a serger for the first time. Should be interesting :)

Have fun today!!


  1. Nice business cards! And indeed, the motifs on the paper look like printed fabric. Reading your post just reminded me that I need to make more myself. I keeping thinking about it when I'm out of the house but the thought just disappears when I get home... ;-)

  2. Haha crooked by design I say! Those are too sweet and your shorts are just darling. I stay away from apparel and stick to quilting; I prefer my straight lines and 1/4" seams!

  3. Hello Kelly,

    Great pair of shorts! ... and a pretty quick finish too.

    Now you have started making clothes you won't be able to stop. Also (if you don't mind me saying) you don't need to use a serger - called overlockers in this country. With the right techniques you can make garments just using straight stitch on the machine and have all the raw edges enclosed.

    Love, Muv


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