Saturday, May 3, 2014

Triangle Finish. Just in Time!

Hey folks. I am frazzled, but I did it. I, literally, JUST sewed the last inch of binding to my triangle quilt.  I sat out overseeing our yard sale today and stitched as quickly as I could.   I never machine stitch bindings to my quilts.  I prefer to hand stitch them to the back, which is a time commitment, but normally I don't mind.  Personal preference and all of that jazz...

Here's the eye candy.  This happens to be the first quilt that I have quilted on my new frame {other then practicing, so far}  

I had some mishaps with the original design I choose to do.  I was planning to do three bumps from corner to corner in each triangle.  The overall look would have been of flower petals... You read that right....WOULD have been.   It turns out that as much as I want to quilt a perfectly smooth 5" arc, its harder then it sounds with a new frame setup, that you aren't used to yet.   I need a little more practice.   I actually cut off the top row of triangles instead of picking out the stitches.  I was done and beaten.

It looked ok from far away, I guess, but I wasn't hanging it on my sewing room wall looking wobbly. I need a lot of practice to learn how to handle this setup, before trying to do more complicated designs on pieces that I planned to hang up. :) After a night of being discouraged, I grabbed all of the positivity that I could and stippled the whole thing.  Which came out wonderfully and cheered me up!!!

The end date for the quilt a long is TODAY! So I'm going now to link up at the Sassy Quilter with a big sigh of relief. It feels great to finish things after having such a sad moment in the middle.


  1. Congratulations on your finish. Your quilting looks fine to me, after all something had to be the first one on the new frame. My fingers are also sore from stitching nearly 8 metres of binding on by hand!

  2. Beautiful quilt!! And I love the backing as well. It's a perfect match!
    I just finished mine yesterday. I did straight line quilting (I'm still working on getting my straight lines to actually be straight). I sometimes machine stitch bindings, but I hand stitched this one.
    I'm amazed how different they all look when we were all essentially using the same pattern.

  3. I have tried the simple arc before too and it is much harder than it looks! I was just doing 2" squares and couldn't hit my point if I tried:) I love the stippling that you did though! Looks great and the colors in this quilt really sparkle! Fabulous finish.

  4. Oh, thank you for sharing your difficulties with the arcs, I was thinking of doing something similar but ended up with straight lines (which are still in progress). Love the bright colors you used.

  5. Your quilt looks beautiful!!!! The arc looks good in your photo but I understand what you mean-- it would've bugged you and the stippling looks very nice too!

  6. It's beautiful! Your quilting looked fine, too. My philosophy is that we learn as we go and we'll always want to be better than we are, so we might as well just accept where we are today and do the best we can. Your stippling looks nice too, though.


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