Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dream it, Make it!

It's been a busy few weeks.  I am sewing my heart out on so many different projects that I am starting to feel like a busy bee, flitting from one thing to the next.  That's never a sad story though!

I am working on something special for my Mom's Stamping/Craft room.  I can share one sneak peek of the design because she's seen it this far, but then I have to keep it super secret after that, until the finish!

haha! Had my colored pencils out again!  There needs to be a few adjustments when I start transferring this into fabric, the placement of some of the stems especially.

I'll be quilting a white background and appliqueing the letters, bugs and flowers. I'm also still trying to decide what kind of border to do, I need to have the background and border pieced before I can begin to applique anything.   Flying geese maybe?   Definitely something scrappy and bright.  I'll take lots of pictures of the process and do a post when it is finished.

I've also been on a clothing kick, making my own summer clothes.  I am extremely camera shy, so I have a hastily taken selfie of my latest outfit, but the quality is not the best. Sorry friends.
I did an underliner in the shorts with white muslin, which turned out wonderfully and turned a basic cotton white fabric into what feels like a super soft denim.  Sorry for a lack of details on the tank. This shows the basic idea at least.    I am starting to loving sewing clothes, even though I get very anxious over it. {Thats just the lack of knowledge talking}  Once I get used to the techniques for clothes, I'll feel better about it.

The only other new fun thing is that I have started to package my Etsy items in brown paper with string for a more natural look, and I think a bit nicer too.  Who can resist humming  "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music when they get this in the mail?

"Brown paper packages, tied up with string......"

Time to sew!   Happy creating everyone! Thanks for visiting.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Secret Projects

I can reveal my project today... my friend Joanna had me working on a project for her daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law for an engagement gift.  Well, they were officially engaged this past weekend, so I no longer need to keep the quilt a secret.

The basic idea was that I would make a wall hanging sized quilt for them that would be easy to later turn into a full sized quilt.   Joanna sent me an inspiration photo...and I drew a design.  The addition of Doves was requested, along with strict guidelines that I only use TEAL and a tiny amount of green.  I would love to make a similar version of this with my own color options....someday. I would also to make the flowers more realistic and use a little paint to make them rich in color.  

Once the design was approved, I started quilting... I apologize for the next few photos. They were taken on my phone. Lesson Learned...
I needed to leave room for the wedding date, so that explains the empty space on the bottom right.
Satin stitching is on my Practice Immediately list.

The big finish was really nice. It was fun to work on and I hope the couple will treasure it.

Thanks for letting me share.  Hope you all have a wonderful week!!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sad to see you go...

So, you know how there is a fine line between hoarding and stocking up?  Most of you that find yourselves on my blog are probably crafty in some way, so I am sure you can understand...

My husband has a very specific eyebrow raise when I'm buying all kinds of seemingly random craft supplies.   Freezer paper at the grocery store, colored pencils, glass sheet from lowes {to make a light table}, every size of snaps, buttons, etc...  The list could go on forever.

Don't get me wrong...My husband is a great sport and never says anything, but I know the look. It means something like "I know thats going in the closet to never be seen again, but if you NEED it that bad, I'll keep my mouth shut"

Well, I'm proving him wrong. A few years ago I HAD to have a shiny box of colored pencils and yesterday I used them for something!  What if I didn't have them in the craft closet?  Then I would have had to GO to the store for them.  Thats crazy.  It's much better to have the craft store in my home.  ;)   Ps. I learned this behavior from my crafty hoarding mom.  {It's nice to have someone to blame}

So, for the proof...I have a super secret project again, but I can give a little glimpse of the design.

Gives nothing away!! Bwahahaha.

Some good news is that I've sold my first quilt, my baby puzzle quilt to be specific. I blogged about it here a little last year. I was so excited, until I realized that I had to actually send it to someone and couldn't keep it.  It was my first ever start to finish quilt, designed by me and quilted with feathers in the border.  I've decided that the only thing to be done, is to make another one.