Monday, July 14, 2014

Burning the machine oil

Needless to say, theres been a bit of a break between posts around here.  It's the summer, man!  hehe  

Well, that and my machine was off getting serviced, which stopped me from sewing for a week or two altogether.  If you have had your machine for awhile and it needs a service....DO IT!!   My Janome 1600p is back and I didn't even know that it could sew this beautifully and quietly.   My tension is spot on, where before I had to twitch it around constantly.  I oiled this machine regularly according to the instructions, but it turns out that sewing for 12 hours a day was drying it out faster then normal. I was told to oil it every 6 hours of sewing.

The best part is that I put it on my Gracie Frame in the garage, and for the first time, I was able to quilt without thread issues, breakages, and I didn't have to use a crazy needle.   That's what I get for waiting a year and a half before getting a service.  Shame on me. Lesson learned.    My practice run:  My stitches were a little big, but the tension was spot on.

Now for the fun stuff!  My friend Shauna saw my finished quilt from the Triangle Quilt A-Long and loved it, so she requested a triangle quilt for her son's room.  Bright green, Blue, and white stripes to be exact.  I love these colors, which made it a joy to create.  I loaded it on my frame this past weekend and quilted it {with a very cooperative machine.

Today, I will be squaring up the edges and creating an special applique for the bottom left corner. A soccer ball!  I decided to applique the ball after quilting it on the frame. I've done this recently with other quilts and like the effect. It almost adds the look of trapunto without having to use extra batting.

A full size photo will be coming in a few days. I'm going to work on it now!  Have a great day everyone!



  1. Great colors! I'm glad your machine is being cooperative again.

  2. I'm glad you decided to get your machine serviced, and that it turned out so favorably.

  3. I love the idea of being able to quilt on a frame....I must look into it. Do you use your normal sewing machine? I get myself all tied up when I try to free motion on a big quilt.

  4. It is so fun to quilt when your machine cooperates! Lovely quilt!


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