Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Little Helpers

Summer is almost over for us, my Gavin is going to Kindergarten in exactly two weeks.  We are starting to prepare for a very busy few months to come, after a long leisurely summer.   Gavin is going to try playing soccer, so I will officially be a soccer mom for a few months. haha! 

Poor Tucker, my little guy, is going to be miserable when Gavin starts going to school all day, so I need to find some things to distract him with through the week.

I will miss having my little helpers around and I MIGHT even miss all of the noise.

They were very helpful this morning when I was basting a quilt.  The center of this will be appliqued, but I wanted to quilt it first and applique over the quilted background.   I need to adjust the pinmoors, they are creating a pucker.  It was surprising, but all of the leftover pinmoors ended up back in the jar. My sneaky boys have been known to run off with them.

I've started to make business card holders for my etsy shop, which I thought would be a fun thing to do a tutorial of soon. They are very popular with the local ladies for their business cards or store reward cards.

That's my blab for the day. I'm planning to straight line quilt the piece above, and I'm all ready to start!

Have a great week!


  1. I love your card holder! The fabric is really nice. I'd cheer you for the tutorial, but I don't know how to sew. :/

  2. Love your quilt in progress. Be sure to show us the applique later!

  3. Cool card holder. That's just what I need. Great colors.

  4. Miss the noise? I actually know what you mean. Lovely card holders. Thanks for linking up.

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  6. As a former soccer mom for many, many years, I recommend you have plenty of handwork ready in the car. I spent hours and hours at practices and games and used lots of the time either sitting in my soccer mom chair stitching and watching or in the car doing it. Good luck!


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