Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Triumphant after the tantrum.

So it's been a busy week, but somehow I have accomplished very little.  My powerhouse and main sewing machine {Janome 1600p QC}  is getting serviced {yes, I am feeling lost without it} and it puts a huge kink in my sewing plans.
Might as well be a hole in my heart!  haha---but seriously.
I am having to do all of my sewing on my little Brother, and while its nice to have for button holes and zig zag stitches, I rarely use this machine.  The majority of my sewing projects are quilted, interfaced, and fully lined.  By the time I am assembling a wallet or bag, this little Brother can't even drive the needle through the layers.  I need my Janome!!
Good effort little guy.

Anyway, after a lot of struggling and frustration yesterday, I finally finished a business card holder for a friend of a friend.

If anyone has any tips on using metal snaps, I'll take it.  I messed up 4 times when pressing them with the snap pliers, and switched to these baby snaps instead.  Honestly, there may have been a temper tantrum which fully convinced my family that I'm a nut job.  All good today though, and they are used to my antics.

That's all for today. A little whining and a triumphant and hard earned finish!  haha    Hope you are having an easier time!



  1. Kelly, the pouch looks great and we can't see your snap frustration in the photo! I've never used those kind, only the magnetic snaps commonly found on bags.

  2. Nice job on your card holder. I know what you mean about feeling lost when your sewing machine is gone for service. I am gonna take mine in while I go on vacation so I won't miss it this time.

  3. nice finish, and I hope you get your Janome back soon :)

  4. That's cute! Make it a little larger for a cell phone...lots of uses! I like lots of uses things! followed you from WIP Wed Linky!

  5. Cool. Like the fabric and the shade of green is so refreshing!!


  6. I’d love for you to share this (or anything else) at The Weekend Social, starting Thursday at 9pm EST at www.thequestionablehomesteader.com


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