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I'm Kelly, an Army wife, mother of two boys under 5 years old, and surrounded by large appetites and messy chaos. Luckily my sewing room attaches to the kitchen, so in between feeding everyone I can sew myself into a world of bliss. 

I tend to start new projects with a trial-by-error attitude, which led me to my shop and blog name. I love creating my own designs for the things I use in my daily life. A new camera needs a camera bad, a coupon binder needs a tote to carry it...a yoga mat bag to keep my mat clean. You get the drift.  

Sewing has been my passion for 7 years now and I especially like to explore all aspects of quilting.  The blogging community has been a major source or inspiration and encouragement.

Because they are super cute.....

PS. I am NOT a Raiders fan. That would be my husband.   Go COWBOYS!!!

My Grace King quilting frame in action with my Janome 1600p doing the heavy lifting

My Studio

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